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SSFFF Take it to the Limit
Summer Flounder Tournament

Entry Form and Lilability Disclaimer

Yes the doormats are here, but ... after discussion with the leaders of the SSFFF and the R.F.A. we have decide that due to the extremely bad weather report for Saturday, Opening Day of Flounder season, that the "SSFFF Take it to the Limit Flounder Tournament" will be postponed until the following Saturday, May 28th. We all understand that the hard core fishermen are ready to go, but this tournament is to benefit the SSFFF and we feel that it is important to make this fishable by the largest number of anglers possible. That will raise more money for the SSFFF, and since it is a 50/50 it will raise the prize money. Sounds like a Win-Win.
I will still be running my FREE "Grand Slam Customer Appreciation Tournament this weekend Rain or Shine. Please SHARE this announcement with any of your Friends to help pass the word.

If you are unable or do not wish to sign up on line, Please print and fill out this form and bring it to Absecon Bay Sportsman Center . Regular entries will end 8 pm Friday May 20th.   We will be taking entries until 10 am. Saturday Morning.  However a $5 late fee will be added Saturday.