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Fishing Safaris Prices

A Full Day Fishing
A True Striper Safari

This is for the angler who is ready to enjoy a whole day on the water. You can plan on spending at least eight hours of actual fishing time. A full day allows us to fish two tide changes and we will take advantage of either Sunrise or Sunset depending on the tides.. I usually prefer to get an early start and take advantage of the early morning bite, but I will base all actual fishing times on the tides, conditions and your desires.

A full Days Fishing for up to three Anglers
Additional Angler add $100

Long 1/2 Day, Full Tide Trip
Four hours of Lines in fishing excitement, This is your best Deal and my favorite!

If you are not ready to spend a full day on the water, but want to hit the best of the fishing, this is the trip for you. Each trip will be custom designed to be fishing during the tide period which is the best for striper fishing. I prefer to fish from the top of the tide thru the first half of the outgoing for the majority of my striper fishing. I would like to include either sunrise or sunset in any of my four hour trips when it matches up with the proper tide. These are the magic times for stripers and I don't like to miss them. Usually trips start about 6 am. and back to the dock around noon.

1/2 Day Fishing Trip for up to three anglers
4th angler add $100 per trip

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Reservations and Payments,
Cancellations and Refunds


I like to keep all transactions as simple as possible, however there have been situations that arise which have resulted in missing what could have been great days fishing because of last minute cancellations.  I must require a deposit and the following should clarify most common situations.


All reservations must be confirmed with $100 deposit within 7 days of making contact with Capt. Dave and within 7 days of scheduled date.  Reservations made within 7 days must have a deposit immediately.


Deposit may be made by mail by check, by phone call by Credit Card, in person in Cash 

To use Pay Pal CLICK Here.


Once a Deposit has been made, in the event of a cancellation, a refund will only be available if the cancellation is more than seven days before the requested date and the day is re-booked

Looking Forward to a 2019 Bonus Program, those 26" Striped Bass are great eating  … and Great Fighters.
The 2018 Bonus Program started September 1st. 
Striped Bass, Slot Fish Bonus Program

Striper Season is on the way and The Marine Fisheries dropped of my supply of Bonus Tags for my clients on Absecon Bay Fishing Safaris www.facebook.com/fishabsecon . The Bonus program allows anyone who applies to keep a fish from 24" to 28". As a Charter Captain in the program any angler on one of my charters who catches a fish in the slot can use a tag and take a great eating fish home for dinner in addition to a fish over 28". Of course I agree with complete Catch & Release fishing if that's how you roll, but I have no problem with anyone taking what is legal and BTW to participate in this program requires extensive reporting of information that will be a help with future Striped Bass Management.

Depending on the availability of Bonus Tags, as the season progresses, I may limit the amount of tags issued per day to enable more anglers to keep a good eating fish.