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Mullica March Madness Fishing Trips

For the last several years I have been exploring and experimenting with Striper fishing in the Mullica River.  I have been primarily fishing the Spring run with good results and in May, 2016, I fished the later part of the spawning run and thru the month running from Green Bank to Great bay and had a ball with all sized stripers and a client released a  46" cow that is the biggest I've ever landed in my boat. 

Last summer (2017) I was searching the Mullica and have had several fantastic trips in August on school sized Stripers chasing Peanut Bunker. We did bring one keeper to the boat and had several that would have been legal now in September.  As I did do extremely well last September I am getting my boat ready to trailer up for early fall2018.  with the Bonus Slot Fish Program.  I do have Bonus Tags for clients fishing with me so if you do want to keep a striper to eat you can tag one from 24 to 28 inches.  I do feel that in most cases that one "Keeper" a day is sufficient to feed a family and I would like to keep the boat limit to one per angler. 

I know that it is uncommon to think of September as "Striper Season", but there is a whole new group of fish are showing up and making for some really exciting fishing.  With September traditionally a slow month I am running some Early Striper Specials starting now and running until October 15th.  For these trips I will be trailering the boat "www.AbseconBay.com" to  the "Chestnut Neck Boat Yard" which gives us an easy start to explore the Lower Mullica River and the Great Bay.  
So far I've encountered lots of aggressive fish chasing bait under bird plays and they have been especially fond of hitting lead headed jigs tipped with GULP.  I have already had some success with surface baits and live peanut bunker have been drawing strikes when things are slow.  This is definitely light tackle fishing I will have plenty of light to medium tackle on board and it is a good chance to put your own tackle to the test.  Just make sure you can make long casts with light lures or baits and have a good drag because even though the average size bass is rather small there are definitely keepers in the mix and there are always big mamas on the prowl for an easy meal.

These Special Trips will be at least 4 hours long and I prefer to start all my fishing at first light, however there is always the possibility that the tide will have more influence or your schedule will be different.  I always have a big supply of lures and various GULP baits on board which you are welcome to use.  For baits, I will include peanut bunker and possibly mullet caught here in Absecon, but I always carry the cast net on board in case there is a chance 

Total Price for a Mullica River Special Trip:
for 1 or 2 anglers  is $200,
for 3 anglers $250,
4 anglers $300 (includes extra bait)

I will continue to offer these special priced trips at least thru the entire month of September for anyone making a reservation and confirming with a $100 Deposit. 
Once the fishing does pick up and everyone in my parties has a chance to see some good action and a better than even chance to put a keeper in the boat I will be fishing Full Bore Stripers and Prices will be the for the "Regular Charters" ($375 for the boat, up to 3 anglers)