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Mullica March Madness Fishing Trips

For the last several years I have been exploring and experimenting with Striper fishing in the Mullica River.  We never did catch any cold water Keepers, but we had a whole lot of fun catching and releasing Stripers under the 28" minimum and filling boxes with Fat White Perch that made some great meals for the first Fresh fish of the Season.

Last May I fished the later part of the spawning run and thru the month running from Green Bank to Great bay and had a ball with all sized stripers and a client released a  46" cow that is the biggest I've ever landed in my boat.  I hope to continue to improve my knowledge and tactics and hook up plenty of Bass.

I will be running early again this Spring, to get the boat floating and some fish on the lines.  For these trips I will be trailering the boat "www.AbseconBay.com" to  the "Chestnut Neck Boat Yard" which gives us an easy start to explore the Lower Mullica River and the Great Bay .  I also hope to make some trips to the Great Egg Harbor River, however I still have to check out access points and for me it will be a whole new Ballpark.  I do believe that the possibilities in the Great Egg are even better than the Mullica.
These Early Season Specials will be mostly anchored trips using Bloodworms, Grass Shrimp or Fresh Baits.  The Stripers are moving and in good numbers and I am also getting reports of quite a few keepers in the mix.  While using baits we should also put quite a few good eating White Perch in the box if you wish.

These Special Trips will be at least 4 hours long and I prefer to start all my fishing at first light, but there is always the possibility that the tide will have more influence or your schedule will be different.  Included in the price will be 2 Dozen bloodworms and whatever other bait I can scrounge up.  Additional Bloodworms available at the regular store price in case we do get on that Hot Bite we will be looking for.  
Total Price for a Mullica River Special Trip:
for 1 angler  is $200,
for 2 or 3 anglers $250,
4 anglers $300 (includes extra bait)

As the rivers warm and the fishing begins to pick up I will do more searching with Live baits and Lures.  I have had good luck with Eels in the Mullica River, so far starting in May, but I believe there will be good Eel and lure fishing for keepers as soon as the "Spawners" arrive, which I expect to be on the April Full Moon. I will continue to offer these special priced trips at least thru the entire month of April for anyone making a reservation and confirming with a $100 Deposit. 
Once the fishing does pick up and everyone in my parties has a chance to see some good action and a better than even chance to put a keeper in the boat I will be fishing Full Bore Stripers and Prices will be the for the "Regular Charters"