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Live, Fresh and Frozen Baits
Prices and Availability

Listed are all usual stocked baits.  All prices may change depending on availability.  If you need a specific bait, I'll probably have it, but please call to confirm. 609-484-0409

 Live Spot,
There May be a better Striper Bait, But I don't know what it is!

Live Spot is one of the most effective Live Baits for Striped Bass and in the smaller sizes everything eats them, particularly Keeper Summer Flounder and Weakfish.  Sometimes early in the season I get Jumbos that drive Tuna Wild!

South Jersey is normally the northern part of their range so they usually have to be transported from Maryland or Virginia, either from the Chesapeake Bay or the Atlantic coast regions. 

My suppliers have been bringing me the healthiest Spot I have ever seen.  I keep them in tanks and they are fed commercial fish food concentrate and I feel they are the healthiest Spot you will find anywhere.

Hopefully they will show up in the Chesapeake in May.  When they do it means we will have a great back bay Striper Bite, because Striped Bass almost magically appear.

Spot usually run about $3 each, but this varies with Supply and Demand


Live Eels
Night Time is the Right Time for Stripers and these Slime Balls definitely Rule the night.

Eels are one of the very best Striped Bass Baits and work year round especially at night.  I keep them all year long, but sell the most during the Fall Striper Season.  Lately since introducing SPOT as live bait there has been less night fishing for Stripers, but Live-Lining an Eel thru the rips at night is an excitement that you shouldn't miss.

 $2.00 each

$20 a dozen

100 +, $1.50 each

Surf Clams

If you want the very best chance to bring home a Striper, there is no better bait than the lowly Surf Clam.  Just find a fishy looking spot, drop the anchor, put a big glob of clam on a 8/0 hook, and drop it to the bottom.  Most likely a big ole' Bass will inhale it and you're hooked up.  Yes there are some details to learn, but you can go out on your own and catch stripers if they are in the area.

Surf Clams: Have gone thru the roof and are hard to get.  The truth be known is that the commercial boats have just about caught them all.  In the shell, the best I can do is about $2 each if I can get them.  Please call 609-484-0409 for current price and availability.



If you are looking for something to really grab a Stripers attention, Fresh Bunker will really do the trick.  Unfortunately it is sometimes hard to come by and harder to keep if I find it.  Price can vary by supply and demand, but usually I sell them at about $2.00 a fish.  This is one bait that you should call ahead to confirm availability.

Peanut Bunker
Should be available late July on August
Bunker in it's juvenile form are called Peanuts, and all species of fish eat them like peanuts.  When they are in our estuaries and tidal creeks they are relatively easy to catch.  They are rather fragile and take care and an areator to keep alive.  I don not find dead peanuts an effective bait and I do not bother to stock them Fresh or Frozen.  

Once the main bodies of peanuts leave the creeks they do become difficult to obtain and I do ty to keep my tanks full,  the price will go up but they are still an inexpensive alternative to the pricey SPOT and if the scoolies are thick they will give you action at a reasonable price.
Finger Mullet
These Torpedos usually show up in August and are at the top of the menu for just about every fish that swims.  I think a big fat lively Mullet will even out-fish a Spot for Striped Bass. They must be cast-netted and I do it myself.  Again Price is all about availability.

These great baits are just bite sized for big stripers and are one of their favorite foods.  I cast net them myself in the back bay and on the beach front.  They are harder to keep in pens than spot and they wil only last until the first serious cold snap.  When the run is over the prices will go up.


One great advantage to Finger Mullet is that they are extremely good as frozen baits.  I stockpiled plenty last fall during the run and have them available even for the Spring Run.  They can be used in the Surf, Back Bays and in the Rivers and will seldom be refused.  I don't know if it is their oily smell or what, but they attract every kind of Gamefish.  There really isn't anything better for the early cold water bluefish that invade our local waters. 


For monster Fluke you really should give the frozen mullet a try.


 Frozen:$6.00 a Dozen

Live Minnows

We keep live minnows in stock whenever the store is open.  We make sure they are big and lively since I catch them myself with the help of my son, Kevin.  Late Season Monster Minnows are excellent baits for schoolie sized Stripers and if I'll try and have them 

Pre-Flounder Season $15 a pint, $10 1/2 pint. Summer pricing will vary.


These ugly little critters are probably the most expensive seafood outside Japan... and we feed them to the fish.  Because they work.  Almost everything will gulp down a piece of bloodworm, or go for the gusto and put a whole one on the hook for a striper.  For salt and brackish water panfish nothing else even comes close. 


I keep them in stock all the time, but I do not catch them, they are dug in Maine and Maritime Canada and every box is different.  I have good suppliers so I usually have good worms. 

Now More Popular Prices

Bloodworms: $12.00 a dozen,

3 Dozen or more: $10.00 a dozen

 Need a Flat? order ahead 125 worms $90.00

Green Crabs
If you are fishing for Tog there is really only one bait to use.  Green crabs are just about the only commercially available bait and I keep them Live in my Tanks whenever the season is open.  However when the limit is only one fish I only sell them by the dozen.  When the season opens up in November i will have volume pricing by the Gallon or Bucket full. 
Current Price $5 a Dozen.