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2013 Early Spring White Perch Tournament
March 1st thru April 28
The Stringer of the 5 Largest Perch Wins


White Perch are on of South Jersey's last truly wide open fisheries. They don't grow to massive sizes, but they are prolific and available in most of the brackish waters in numbers that will keep your rod bent and put smiles on your face. Making up for their lack of size they are excellent on the table and the only limit is to what you are actually willing to clean. They are most active in the chilly waters of early spring while they put on the feed bag to get ready for their spawning season and continue after the eggs have been laid.

With the restrictions placed on many of the favored food fishes in our waters such as Summer Flounder, Weakfish, Sea Bass, and Tog, the white perch is gaining well deserved attention from many anglers. As with all fisheries there is always a sense of competition between those afficionados of a particular species. The White Perch is no different and there is only one way to determine who is really the best.

I am definately running a tournament and for the next couple days I will be putting together the rules and ironing out the details that hopefully will be the basis of a great time and start to the season that we will want to continue in future years. I will continue finalizing until I feel I have it right, then I will start taking entries.

Until I do get everything finalized I will be looking for ideas and opinions on how this tournament should be run. The best way is to post ideas on my facebook page www.facebook.com/abseconbay or by direct email to go-fish@abseconbay.com

Provisional Rules and Regulations

  1. Tournament runs from March 1st thru April 28th
  2. Grand Prize will be given for the five largest perch weighed during that period.
  3. Entry Fee will be $20 per angler, Entries will be accepted anytime during the tournament, however after March 1st no fish may be weighed in the same day as the entry for any angler signing up after 10:00 am. Obviously anglers must sign in before fishing.
  4. All entry fees will be returned 100% as prizes in the following percentages:
  5. 1st place total weight 5 largest fish 40%
  6. 2nd place total weight 5 largest fish 25%
  7. 3rd place total weight 5 largest fish  15%
  8. Lunker Prize Largest Single Perch 20%
  9. All fish entered for the Grand Prize will be weighed individually and the total weight can be upgraded throughout the tournament.
  10. All fish weighed will have their tails clipped.


  1. Weekly Pool for the largest 5 fish stringer will be held for each week of the tournament.  All 5 fish will be weighed at the same time for a total.  You may weigh a different catch every day, but there will be no upgrading of a previous stringer as can be done for the Grand Prize.
  2. 1st Weekly pool will start March 1st, but will end Sunday March 10th at close of business.  All other weeks will run Monday thru Sunday at close of Business.
  3. Weekly pool will be $5 per angler per week.  This is open only to anglers registered for the grand prize.
  4. The Weekly pool may be entered at any time prior to fishing.  You can enter all 8 weeks at the same time or you can enter any number of weeks or individually as long as it is prior to your days fishing and that you have registered for the grand prize tournament.
  5. $5 entry fee will be returned 100%  as prizes:
  6. 1st place total weight 5 fish: 50%
  7. 2nd place total weight 5 fish: 30%
  8. 3rd place total weight 5 fish: 20%


There will be a special FREE division for anglers 12 years old and younger and I will be giving some prizes myself, but I am looking for some ideas on how to really make the kids excited about going fishing.  I do need some ideas and possibly some help on this.